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The Conservative Party will rectify the consistent failures and corruption of the current two-party system. The Conservative Party will impose fiscal discipline, restrain the reach of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution and defend America’s traditional family values.

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The Biggest Lie in American Politics Today: “The Two Party System”

Every day you hear the politicians and pundits talk about the two party system in America. Well, if you actually read the Constitution, there is no such thing. There can be as many parties as people willing to participate in the political process! But the politicians and pundits don’t want you to know that because they don’t want to lose their power… or their perks.

For Conservatives, there is another party; aptly named the Conservative Party of the United States. If you are tired of “the two party system”, please consider joining us to help change it. It will take time, money, and commitment. It will not be easy. But, if we persevere, we can eventually bring another political choice to North Carolina voters. For more information about our party or on what you can do to help, please go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail. And please send a link for our site to all of your conservative friends!

CP-North Carolina Now Accepting Political Refugees

Did you come to our page because you are a Conservative Republican who is tired of being ridiculed by the do-nothing GOP establishment? Did you come because you are a Conservative Democrat who has long since been left behind by your anti-American, socialist run party? Or did you come because you are a Conservative Independent who can’t seem to find a good candidate from either party? Well, we have good news for you. The Conservative Party in North Carolina is now accepting conservative refugees from across the political parties.

It is time to flee the oppression of the anti-Conservative political structure and to unite as one organization to fight for the preservation of Conservative values in our state. This is the next phase of the Conservative Movement. So, please consider joining us. The more Conservatives who join, the more effective we will be. For more information about our party or on what you can do to help, please go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail. And please send a link for our site to all of your conservative friends!

It’s time to “Come Home America” and our home is North Carolina…

The time has come for true Conservatives and like-minded Independents to secede from their respective parties and join the Conservative Party of the United States.The present political establishment in Washington has consistently failed to hold to the principles of our Founding Fathers and can no longer be considered a legitimate representative of traditional American conservative values. This failure is the result of what has become a politically incestuous society dominated by the two major political parties, staff, and those who lobby.

The Mission of the Conservative Party is to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms set forth in the U.S. Constitution and to limit the scope of Federal government authority and spending. We believe that the only way to achieve success in our mission is to return political activity to the local scene. The Conservative Party has established this action plan in “Project Mayberry®.”Project Mayberry® was inspired by the erstwhile “Andy Griffith Show” about the sheriff of a small town called Mayberry. The people in that small town held traditional, patriotic, common sense values seldom seen in today’s America.

Project Mayberry® will restore that ethic.Project Mayberry® is a coordinated, national effort to break the Democrat-Republican elite stranglehold on Lady Liberty by uniting America’s diverse, conservative, traditional family-value Patriots at the local level. This project will foster the political environment that will encourage its members to run for elected office in their Localities.

Project Mayberry is the Conservative Party’s appeal to return politics to the local level.Today’s media, too often liberal and progressive, advance candidates and the face-to-face local citizen recommendations needed to assess candidates is removed. It’s high time for “us,” North Carolina citizens, to offer our political guide to conservative candidates. Finally, be a volunteer. And support helping grow the Conservative Party of North Carolina with a small financial contribution. It costs about $20 for a couple to attend a movie. Surely North Carolina and America’s future is worth two movie tickets.

But, don’t stop there, if $5.00 is best you can do, that is fine with us.


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